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A few of our server's, Intel based

Our servers are located at facilities-based Internet carrier with physical network infrastructure in the Southeast Miami Florida,  Houston, Texas; and Columbus, Ohio. 

The Virtual Space Advantage

In short, Virtual Space has a lot to offer to provide you a flexible, affordable hosting plan. We focus on many aspects of our business from the tiny points like email account setup (you can do it instantly via a Web control panel) to the nuts-and-bolts of our network (based on Cisco core routers, Vina edge routers, and a 1o00 Mbps switched network.) Furthermore, if you need something and don't see it, ask! We can do virtually anything you can imagine, and look forward to standing out in your mind as a premium, quality hosting and Internet solutions company. 


Since 1995, Virtual Space has been an industrial strength Internet Service Provider, with a sharp focus on Managed Hosting for small to mid-sized businesses. Our year over year revenue and client growth have been in the high double digits since 1996. And we've been profitable since day one by providing powerful services at reasonable prices. 
We pride ourselves as an established Internet presence provider. Over the past few years, we have seen the Internet mature from not much more than a research tool to a business-friendly powerhouse. Through smart leadership and a customer-centric approach to service and price offerings, we continue to change the way people think about their Internet provider. 

About Our Network Operations Center

Our servers are located in different network operations center (NOC) which has connections to Infolink in Miami Florida, as wll as servers located in Houston Texas and Columbus Ohio.
Since we operate our own independant network operations center, we provide you a single, responsible point of contact for things as simple as server reboots to items as complex as database integration. 

A perfect hosting company for Entrepreneurs.

At Virtual Space, we blend the on-the-spot, hip professional atmosphere that so many Internet companies exhibit with solid, down to Earth, business principles. The result is a pleasant and productive experience for you, the entrepreneur, small business owner, or webmaster. We've been doing this for years and look forward to serving you for years to come. 
Many of our clients have grown to the point where they have multiple servers, either for their own use or for their clients. Accordingly, we rent space in our NOC which includes Internet bandwidth, rack space, and available technical support. 
Countries Served as of October 25, 2001.  
United States 
.au (Australia) 
.de (Germany) 
.at (Austria)
.ca (canada) 
.uk (United Kingdom) 
.nl (Netherlands) 
.sa (Saudi Arabia) 
.dk (Denmark) 
.fr (France) 
.mx (Mexico) 
.id (Indonesia) 
.se (Sweden) 
.br (Brazil) 
.ar (Argentina) 
.it (Italy) 
.es (Spain) 
.jp (Japan) 
.nz (New Zealand) 
.cn (China) 
.gr (Greece) 
.pl (Poland) 
.my (Malaysia) 
.cl (Chile) 
.np (Nepal) 
.ru (Russia) 
.ch (Switzerland) 
.tw (Taiwan) 
.hu (Hungary) 
.ro (Romania) 
.th (Thailand) 
.cr (Costa Rica) 
.is (Iceland) 
.py (Paraguay) 
.il (Israel) 
.be (Belgium) 
.tr (Turkey) 
.sg (Singapore) 
.by (Belarus) 
.za (South Africa) 
.ee (Estonia) 
.lt (Lithuania) 
.ie (Ireland) 
.fi (Finland) 
.hk (Hong Kong) 
.mt (Malta) 
.cy (Cyprus) 
.ph (Philippines) 
.sk (Slovak Republic) 
.gt (Guatemala) 
.in (India) 
.hr (Croatia) 
.do (Dominican Republic) 
.uy (Uruguay) 
.bg (Bulgaria) 
.pt (Portugal) 
.no (Norway) 
.ae (United Arab Emirates) 
.ua (Ukraine) 
Wow, that took a long time to type! 
Customers: Don't see your country listed? Contact us! 

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