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A Web site is a great way to provide existing and potential customers with data about your company and where it is going. A properly managed site combined with e-mail (which we provide with every account) are a guaranteed way to boost sales and communications with your customers.
Starter Web Site >>Details.
  • Have your web page on-line by tomorrow morning.
  • Turn-key home page with professional design
  • www.YourCompany.com & Email@YourCompany.com
  • $6.95/mo* Paid Yearly
$7.95 Month, if paid Quarterly.
$12.95 if paid monthly


Medium Web Site >>Details.
  • Expanded Disk Space & Features.
  • Unlimited 24/7 updates to your site
  • Space for hundreds of pages with graphics and online catalog
  • $10.95/mo* Paid Yearly
$11.95 Month, if paid Quarterly.
$16.95 if paid monthly


Mega Web Site>>Details.
  • Our classic 150 Megabyte site is now 500 Megabytes!
  • Unlimited 24/7 updates to your site
  • Space for hundreds of pages and rich graphics
  • Shopping Cart
  • Advanced interactive features including databases and more...
  • $20.95/mo* Paid Yearly
$21.95 Month, if paid Quarterly.
$25.95 if paid monthly


Virtual Space recognizes three emerging trends in Internet services and focuses on them: 

  • E-Commerce - Existing customers can quickly reorder supplies from your business while new customers can browse your catalogs and order online or by phone. We provide
  • Dedicated Hosting - Organizations are finding that dedicated servers provide added security and reliability at a reasonable cost. 
  • Streaming Media - More and more companies are finding that streaming audio and video are feasible and effective. We host radio stations across the world as well as organizations with video- and audio-enhanced content. 
    Host with Confidence. We give you everything you need at a good price. All hosting accounts include free email, ftp and/or Front Page. 

    Included with every account are:

    Your own static IP address (if needed), 1GB traffic, As many users as your disk space will allow (1 per 10MB), SSL Secure Web Server (https://www.yourname.com), Web-based control panel for email and user management, Ability to create, delete, and manage user names, passwords, and mail vacation response & Forwarding, Acces to both online statistics as well as raw logs, Guaranteed 1-hour support turn-around on urgent items, and Online SSL Certificate Management. 
    Additional Features (Free with Mega Site Hosting Plan)  
    • CGI-bin 
    • MySQL database 
    • PHP5 
    • Additional Domain Name 
    • SSI 
    • Web Based Email




Starter Home Page

Put your company on the Web easily with our Home Page service. We give you 25 megs of space, 5 Email addresses,Web Control Panel, Email, Web Based Email, Autoresponders, Email redirects,Stats and more. When you are ready for an in-depth sites, you can switch to one of our higher rate plans. Same-day turnaround on Setup and registration of YourName.com ($35/year Network Solutions Domain fee not included.)  
  • CGI with SSI for dynamic page creation using templates 
  • Web-based email preconfigured; Web control panel 

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Medium Web Site

If you want 'round-the-clock access via FrontPage and FTP, select our Starter Web Site package. Included with this plan are FrontPage extensions, room for dozens of web pages (100 Megabytes), and 20 email boxes for multiple employees. Every mailbox gets a web control for email and auto-response management. Our Web-based email system is ad-free and streamlined for ease of use.  Plus the above.
  • CGI with SSI for dynamic page creation using templates 
  • MySQL and PHP6 / for database integration 
  • Web-based email preconfigured; Web control panel 

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Mega Site Hosting

Our flagship product for more than three years, Mega Site Hosting gives companies every option for building creative, interactive sites. PHP6 and MySQL database integration are included as well as CGI with SSI. Now with 500 Megabytes the Mega plan offers room to grow. Free domain registration and all Network Solutions fees paid for one year when you sign up this month. Now is a good time to sign up for the Mega Site Hosting package at Virtual Space.  
Features at a Glance: 
  • CGI with SSI for dynamic page creation using templates 
  • MySQL and PHP6 / for database integration 
  • Web-based email preconfigured; Web control panel 
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The Features:
Capacity, Scalability, Reliability and Availability!
We can offer you this package due to our high efficiency and quantity sales, therefore offering "wholesale web hosting". We don't put caps on your bandwidth like most of our competitors do. Our connection for wholesaling this product begins with Qwest Communications, SprintLink, UUNET, AT&T, MCI WorldCom and e.Spire Communications, whom's partners include Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and many more. These nationwide US backbone providers power many online services such as Hotmail, Geocities and Yahoo. The use of up-to-date technology and Apache Web Server Software allows us to be a forerunner in this industry and model for other hosting companies. We are the only ones that offer so many extras in the quantity we do at NO ADDITIONAL COST!
FREE Domain Registration ($35 Value)!
Choose any international domain name (.net, .com, .org) currently available, WE WILL PAY THE InterNIC FEES and register the name on your behalf. This means for as long as you host with us, we will pay your InterNIC domain name registration and renewal fees. Please note that this feature only applies to our Medium and Mega Packages.
Your Own Domain Name!
Choose any name currently available (we support .com, .net, .org as well as all other international domain names), and we will immediately assign it to a virtual-IP address on our high speed servers. After this www.yourname.com will be accessible around the world on the Internet, night and day!
Please note that we are now running a special promotion: We will register one new domain name for you for free and even pay your annual InterNIC fee - FOR AS LONG AS YOU HOST WITH US (NOTE: special promotion *only* available to the Medium and Mega customers).
Your Own Real-Time Web Based WebSite Control Panel!
With this control panel -- everthing *real-time* of course -- you can setup Mailing Lists, Email Aliases, Pop3 Email Accounts, FTP directories, autoresponders and much more INSTANTLY! Don't wait for us to send you a response, now you can setup everything yourself immediately! Be sure to check our control panel demonstration. Email for appointment of Demo, so we can set this up for you.
Your unique, virtual-IP Address!
With Virtual Spaces advanced virtual-IP technology, you will be able to see your web stie INSTANTLY after setting up your account - even without your domain name. This is only one advantage over an ordinary shared IP address - this feature allows for domain name problems to be solved easily and is suitable for quick elimination website access problems.
Unlimited Traffic and no Bandwith Cap
Most of our competitors limit the number of "hits" or web accesses your site will be allowed. We don't believe in penalizing you or your site for success! We do not actively monitor your site traffic and we only charge extra for very high traffic sites
Unlimited Pop3 Email Boxes!
Most providers give you 2, 3 maybe 5 email boxes with your account. Nowadays that's NOT enough! We give you UNLIMITED fast-access, true POP3 email boxes, free of any additional charge! This is for Medium and Mega Accounts. You will also get your very own Mail Server at yourdomain.com.
Unlimited Email Aliases And Redirects!
These are "forwarding" email accounts - many providers "nickel and dime" you on these - charging extra for each one. With Virtual Spaces, set them up yourself - as many as you want - it's easy! This is for Medium and Mega Accounts
Unlimited Email Mailing Groups!
Set up unlimited of them with your web based control panel. This is for  Mega Accounts
Unlimited Secure Server Access! Special #1 ONLY
As a Virtual Space client you are allowed to use our Secure Server -- and you will NOT be restricted. Our Secure Servers support 128Bit encryption and SSL and are authorized, monitored and certificated by Thawte Servers CA, Inc. This is for Medium and Mega Accounts
Unlimited FTP-Accounts and Access!
Update your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Beware of other provider's mickey-mouse "virtual FTP" or "Web Editor" gimmicks - these are SLOW, UNRELIABLE, BOGUS SUBSTITUTES for true, fast, reliable FTP access!
This includes the set-up of UNLIMITED FREE password protected FTP directories. Additionally you will get your very own FTP Server at ftp.yourdomain.com.
Limited Databases - Tables (mySQL) Special #1 ONLY
On your server is a pre-installed database software with pre-installed web-based mySQL front-end written in PHP. This is for Medium and Mega Accounts

Cgi-Bin Yours Alone!!!
Many providers give "shared access" to CGI-BIN - essential to CGI programming that makes your site INTERACTIVE - with Virtual Space, you have your very own - yours alone! In fact, your whole account will act like a CGI-BIN, you can execute scripts from everywhere within your Virtual Server.
Advanced Scripting Languages / Support
Use ANY of the following languages to write dynamic pages or applications on our servers: PHP3 (as module), Perl (via CGI), C, C++, Phyton, JavaScript, Perl DBI::MySQL interface, ODBC connectivity (only with mySQL databases), etc. etc. This is for Medium and Mega Accounts

Free Detailed Site Reporting
As much detail as you need, as often as you need it! Track who's coming to your site, how long they're staying, which pages they're visiting! MULTIPLE PAGES TRACKING REPORTS, updated every day!
Microsoft Frontpage Support (Extensions 98 / 2000)
Full server side support for this increasingly popular HTML editor!

*Paid Yearly

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